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Speed dating is a good idea

Speed dating is a good idea


I've developed a habit of reporting on dating culture, the good, the bad, and the It's the same thing I wore to work, which feels very Single. Why the f*ck did I decide this was a good idea? Well, to be fair, I didn't. When Sheena suggested going speed dating, it's not like I leaped at the. So I got super brave and signed up for a speed dating event. This event made me realize that if you want to meet someone, it's a good idea to have a bunch of. Speed dating isn't something to shudder at anymore. In fact, it's actually a great way to shift gears with friends when it comes to your usual.

Speed dating has slowly but surely increased in popularity among mature adults, and it is now a great way to find companionship. What is it all about and how do you know if speed dating is going to be a worthwhile way for you to meet people? Speed Dating in a Nutshell Speed dating is all about meeting new people in a relaxed and friendly environment.

You can find different types of speed dating eventsbut the core idea is always the same.

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