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Reading exercise speed dating

Reading exercise speed dating

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Then some useful expressions for reacting and asking for more information followed by the final speaking activity "speed questioning" with other people in the class. The task is: to find out whether their speed dating experiences were successful or not.

Discuss in pairs: does hearing about Emily and Alex's experiences make you feel more or less positive about speed dating? We are going to do 'speed dating' with other people in the class.

Speed Dating 11 Women Through Their Music

Speed Dating using Prefer and Comparatives, ESL worksheets Students first read about 'speed dating', then they must match the paragraph titles with the. Book Speed Dating is a way for students to get an introduction to lots of books in a short amount of time. Students read and look at a book's. Speed Dating a Book: A great way to get older students talking about free-choice books! Great for book projects and reading activities. Speed Dating with ESL Library Readings. Here's how to adapt this reading activity with ESL Library readings and ELLs: Choose several topics. Learn, Read & Remember anything in half the time thanks to our free starter pack. Download.

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